What are the top 10 destinations for Food? 

Traveleyes brings you its thoughts on the top 10 holiday locations for foodies!

Experiencing the tastes and flavours of a country allows travellers to enrich their understanding of the area and its local traditions, and engage in the local culture. Here at Traveleyes, we’ve scoured the globe, from Ischia to Kerala and Budapest to Santiago, to compile what we believe to be 10 essential destinations for the ultimate foodie. 

View of Santa Barbara Castle on Mount Benacantil above Alicante - Spain

Santa Barbara Castle – the perfect backdrop for a lovely meal!


Alicante is an ideal destination for those who can’t resist the idea of indulging in a selection of delicious tapas or a bowl of paella under a warm Mediterranean sunset. As the birthplace of tapas, Alicante is one of the best spots to try some authentic Spanish dishes with a good glass of local red wine. Indulge in some classic Albóndigas (spiced meatballs), Gambas a la Plancha (fresh prawns) or Chorizo a la sidra, chorizo sausage slow cooked in cider. 




Naples style mussels with tomatoes and breadIschia, Italy

What food list would be complete without the culinary powerhouse that is Italy? We chose Ischia in the Bay of Naples as Italy’s best offering. Travellers to Ischia will enjoy locally made breads, freshly caught fish and mussels, home-made pastas and traditional Neapolitan pizzas. For a true Ischian experience, try it’s famous Coniglio all’ischitana, cooked with rabbit, white wine, garlic, tomatoes and chilli peppers. To experience all that Naples has to offer, who not join our trip to Ischia?


a classic Pastel de nata - Portuguese egg tart

The classic Pastel de nata – Portuguese egg tart



Discover the quintessential tastes of Portugal in the one of Lisbon’s local sea-food restaurants, or for a sweet kick, pick up a Pastel de nata, a famous local egg custard tart. Alternatively, exploring the cobbled maze of the city’s backstreets reveals a wealth of hidden cafés and eateries, where you can sample local wines, port, and cheeses. Sound good? Learn more about our trip to Lisbon here.


A healthy sub sandwich / Vietnamese banh mi filled with meat and healthy vegetables.

A must try in Vietnam – the Bahn Mi sandwich



Walking through the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh presents an array of culinary opportunities sure to excite any food lover. We recommend Banh mi, a local sandwich providing a fusion of meats, chilies and pickles. Ho Chi Minh also boasts a variety of noodle and rice dishes including Com Tam, a rice dish traditionally served with grilled pork ribs and pickled vegetables, and the world renowned Pho, a traditional broth packed with noodles, meats and vegetables. 


The traditional Hungarian goulash - a true local favourite

The traditional Hungarian goulash – a true local favourite

Budapest, Hungary 

Hungary is fast becoming a favourite escape of many a food lover. Budapest’s culinary delights include traditional Hungarian goulash and strudel, kifli (traditional walnut biscuits) and rigó jancsi (chocolate and cream pastries), all washed down with a selection of local wines. Traveleyes’ resident Hungary expert recommends you check out the fresh food markets in the City Centre, where you can find authentic langos, a deep-fried flatbread served with cheese and sour cream. Discover all these amazing eats and more when we visit Europe’s Imperial Capitals.



A classic raclette, melted and served over fresh potatoes

A classic raclette, melted and served over fresh potatoes


Two of the finer things in life: cheese and chocolate! If you’re feeling savoury, try a Gruyère and Emmentale fondue or some sumptuous raclette, oozing cheese melted over fresh potatoes. Eager to sate your sweet tooth? Why not visit a local chocolatier for some rich and delicious Swiss chocolate, savour a traditional Swiss meringue, or a classic sweet apple shortcrust tart.



Cazuela - traditional chilean latina merican soup served in clay plate

Cazuela – classic Chilean soup served in a clay plate


Chilean dishes combine the bold tastes of Spanish and Chilean Indians to create a flavour fusion deserving of a spot in any food list. Locally caught seafood specialities, empanadas, cazuela and porotos granados can all be enjoyed beneath the breath-taking snow-capped Andes. This can be washed down with Borgoña – cold red wine with chopped strawberries and sugar, or Cola de Mono (literally Monkey’s Tail), a traditional Chilean drink similar to eggnog.


Indian woman eating banana leaf rice, overhead view on wooden dining table.

South Indian curries are commonly served on banana leaves


Kerala, India

Kerala’s culinary delights offer an explosion of vibrant and exotic tastes and flavours.  Kerala has long been famous for its teas and spices, due to its history as the origin of the historic Asian spice routes. Coconuts are central to Kerala’s cuisine, accompanied by rice and vegetables dishes often served on a banana leaf, that are as colourful as the spectacular surroundings. You can immerse yourself in this uniquely spectacular region with our tour of Kerala.


Big Piece of Slow Cooked Oven-Barbecued Pulled Pork shoulder on chopping board with mixed peppercorns, rosemary and garlic, view from above, close-up

Is this piece of slow barbecued pork shoulder making you hungry? It should!


Charleston is often referred to as the top food destination in the USA, and we have to agree! Wash down a whiskey with a selection of authentic barbeque, from spare ribs and brisket to burnt ends and pulled pork. For a more robust meal, you may want to try Gumbo, a hearty stew of meat and shellfish, and what is known as the ‘Holy Trinity of vegetables’ – celery, bell peppers and onions. Any Charlestonian would agree you also have to try a traditional local favourite – shrimp and grits! ‘Grits’ is a paste made from corn, milk and cream, similar to polenta.



Ruedelsheim, Hessen, Germany

Rüdesheim’s rolling hills are perfect for vineyards

Rüdesheim – wine region, Germany

Less about the food and more about the drink, the region of Rüdesheim is a wine-lover’s paradise, boasting breath-taking views and a real rustic charm. This most beautiful corner of the Rhine River is the perfect place to kick back and sample exceptional wine and locally made Bratwürst and Liverwurst. You can take in all the splendour of the mighty Rhine with our cruise from Switzerland to Holland.

So there we have it, all you need to embark on a gastronomic tour of the world. But be careful, once you get a taste for it, it may be hard to stop!

The Traveleyes team


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