Traveleyes offers amazing group holidays all over the world!

Want to travel the world, find great new friends, and make a real difference in people’s lives? Traveleyes could be perfect for you.

Welcome to our Travel Blog.

We all know there’s nothing quite like the thrill of travelling, and there’s definitely nothing quite like a Traveleyes holiday!

Some of you reading this may not be aware of why Traveleyes is so special. Allow me to explain.

A Traveleyes group taking in the spectacular Machu Picchu!

Traveleyes runs tours with a difference. We take groups of blind and fully sighted travellers to all corners of the globe, with our sighted travellers acting as the eyes for our blind travellers, describing the sights and experiences.

In return, sighted travellers gain a much deeper understanding of the places we visit, and have the cost of their trip subsidised by up to 50%! Sound good? You can check out our holiday list here. We currently travel  to over 60 destinations, from Texas and Peru to Africa and the Orkneys, so you’ll be sure to find a destination that’s right for you! Make sure you never miss a thing by signing up to our newsletter here.

From safaris in Swaziland…

…to sun in Sorrento, we have a trip for everyone!










So why are we blogging? Here at Traveleyes we’re passionate about helping you explore the world, taking you to some of the most exciting and beautiful destinations on the planet. Our new blog is the perfect place to stay up to date with all the latest from the Traveleyes team. Stay tuned for first-hand accounts from our trips, helpful tips and tricks for travellers, and all the best destinations and places for you to visit!

See you in the Blogosphere!

The Traveleyes Team 

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