Welcome to Scandinavia

The capitals of the Scandinavian countries and the grand Russian jewel of St Petersburg can all be approached from the comfort of a luxurious cruise ship. Our no-fly Baltic odyssey begins and ends in the Scottish city of Edinburgh. We’ll sail across the North Sea and take a shortcut across the Jutland Peninsula to the Baltic Sea through Germany’s iconic Kiel Canal. Once in the Baltic Sea, we’ll visit our first capital city as we explore Denmark’s colourful Copenhagen. Next, we’ll sail to Tallinn, the up-and-coming Estonian city before enjoying two full days in Russia’s cultural capital and second city – St Petersburg.

On our return to Edinburgh, our voyage takes us to Stockholm in Sweden where our visit includes Vasa Museum which houses an immaculately preserved 17th century ship. We’ll also cruise around the Stockholm archipelago before sailing south to Gothenburg on the western side of Sweden’s peninsula before visiting Norway’s capital city, Oslo and beginning our homeward journey back to Edinburgh.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore the historic canals of St Petersburg in the shadow of the Tsars
  • Discover the colour and elegance of Stockholm’s harbourside
  • Marvel at the innovative and sharp architecture of Oslo
  • Get a taste for life in Copenhagen, one of the world’s most livable cities
  • Enjoy fine cuisine and top notch service on a cruise ship
  • Dates & Prices

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    June 9 - June 23, 2018 (15 days)

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    Discounted Sighted Price: £1999 Contact us for availability

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    Standard Blind Price: 2999 GBP Contact us for availability

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    A river runs tranquilly to an ornate golden palace with domes and spires built in the Eastern style
  • Traditional fishing vessels are moored next to multicoloures Scandinavian style houses.

    What's Included

    • Cruise departs and returns from Edinburgh cruise terminal
    • 14 nights on board the MV Balmoral
    • All meals
    • Specified excursions
    • Services of local guides
    • Services of a Traveleyes tour manager
  • Excursions

    • Copenhagen Tour
    • Tallinn Tour
    • St Petersburg Tour over two days
    • Stockholm Tour
    • Gothenburg Tour
    • Oslo Tour
    A narrow river channel runs through a city centre with tightly packed buildings on either bank. Small boats are moored all along the river bank.

Below is the itinerary for the holiday. Please click each day for more information.

Saturday 9th June

Arrive in Edinburgh Rosyth Port and board the Balmoral cruise ship ready for departure across the North Sea. We shall meet as a group at 3pm in Rosyth Port and embark together. Our first of many evening meals will be enjoyed as a group this eveing as we begin our voyage.

Dinner included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Sunday 10th June

Enjoy a day at leisure on board the cruise ship. There will be ample time to get to know your fellow travellers, relax with a book or explore your luxurious new surroundings. There will be a programme of activities available on board the ship arranged by the cruise director that your Traveleyes tour manager will go through with you as a group each day.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Monday 11th June

Our voyage takes a shortcut to the Baltic Sea today by cutting through the Jutland Peninsula on the world’s busiest artificial waterway, the Kiel Canal. Constructed in 1895 by Germany, the Canal passes through Schleswig-Holstein and was once named after Kaiser Wilhem. The scenic 61-mile channel reduces the journey around Denmark by an impressive 250 miles.

Once through the canal, our voyages heads north to Copenhagen.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Tuesday 12th June

This morning we’ll dock in Copenhagen and disembark for our first tour.  Although not much evidence of the Vikings remains, this area was once a trading and fishing hub at the centre of this fascinating culture. Copenhagen is a clean city famed for modern architecture and fashionable restaurants that have made Danish style an expensive commodity around the world. Our tour will begin with Amalienborg Palace Square, home to Denmark’s Royal Family before we pass the Little Mermaid, Tivoli Gardens and the colourful harbour front of Nyhavn Canal.

Following this, we’ll enter Christianborg Palace and explore the Royal Reception Rooms before taking some time to stroll around the historic heart of Copenhagen, Hojbro Square.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Wednesday 13th June

Our Baltic odyssey truly begins today as we sail northeast with Sweden to our port side and Germany, Poland and the Baltic States on our starboard side.

Embrace the chance for further relaxation before our upcoming days of touring in Tallinn and St Petersburg.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Thursday 14th June

Begin a day of exploration in Tallinn, a historic city that has been tussled over between Estonians, Danes, Swedes, Poles and Russians with a guided tour of the medieval upper and lower town. In the upper town, dominated by Toompea Castle, we’ll visit inside the impressive Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, a Moscow-styled 17th century treasure trove. Our tour also takes in the 19th century onion-domed Orthodox Cathedral, symbolising the power the Tsar’s once held here and the more restrained Lutheran Cathedral. Continuing to the lower town, we’ll visit Town Hill Square and walk through Catherine’s Passage, home to many artist’s studios in the shadow of Tallinn’s 16th century fortifications.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Friday 15th June

Today we arrive into St Petersburg and embark on a city tour of Russia’s grand awe-inspiring imperial capital.  The city known as the Venice of the North is an impressive showcase of Russia’s imperial power and the westward forward-looking attitudes of Peter the Great.

We begin with the more traditional daily hustle and bustle of St Petersburg at the local farmers market before visiting the ornate decorative metro stations of the city’s underground.

We will then journey on to the spectacular Peterhof Palace. It was built on orders of Peter the Great and acted as The Tsars Summer Residences, its luxurious garden and huge palace building are often known as ”The Russian Versailles.”

After lunch at a local restaurant our tour will visit the palace of Catherine the Great, including the world-famous Amber Room. The chamber consists of amber paneling, huge amounts of gold leaf and large decorative mirrors.

We will return to the ship to enjoy our evening meal and entertainment.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Saturday 16th June

This morning our first stop is The Hermitage museum, the largest museum of art and culture in the world. The museum was opened to the public and contains over 3 million items.

After lunch we will visit the church on spilled blood, a historically significant site as it was where Alexander II was fatally wounded.

Our final stop in St Petersburg is the fortress and cathedral of Peter and Paul. This site is a point of historical homage with the cathedral containing  the tombs of Peter and Catherine the Great and the last Romanovs.

Tonight we return to the Balmoral for our dinner and to wave goodbye to the unforgettable city.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Sunday 17th June

Today we are sailing through the Swedish Archipelago. The views are stunning as we make our way into Stockholm, the trendy and cosmopolitan Swedish capital.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Monday 18th June

On arrival into Sweden’s impressive spacious capital city we embark first on a panoramic drive around the city. Our first stop will be a guided visit in the world famous Vasa Museum. The Vasa is home to the globe’s best-preserved 17th century warship, which sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 and was salvaged in 1961.

Stockholm is a city of colour, in particular awash with blues and greens, with lakes, canals and tree-lined boulevards. Our city tour takes us through the Östermalm area with hundreds of boats and decadent buildings on either side.

After lunch we will begin a walking tour of Stockholm’s old town Gamla stan. You will begin at the Royal Palace followed by Storkyrka (Coronation Church), the Finnish Church, and Järnpojke, otherwise known as the boy looking at the stars, at less than 20cm, this is undoubtedly the smallest sculpture that draws in visitors.

We will also get some free time to explore under our own steam and shop in some of Stockholm’s boutique shops.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Tuesday 19th June

Today we enjoy another day cruising Stockholm’s archipelago. This time we are bound for Gothenburg on Sweden’s delightful west coast.

Today is a great opportunity to enjoy all the multitude of facilities on board our floating home, all while enjoying lovingly prepared included meals.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Wednesday 20th June

Today we enjoy a guided city of Gothenburg, the city is a historic architectural marvel with 17th century Dutch canals running through its centre. Our tour includes the Kronhuset, the oldest building in the city and a unique craft market full of hand made uniquely Swedish goods.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Thursday 21st June

This morning we arrive into Oslo. Serenely nestled between mountain and sea Oslo has a rich viking heritage juxtaposed with innovative modern architecture. We first will visit the impressive 700-year-old Akershus Fortress that towers over Oslo’s picturesque seafront. We will also get the chance to delve into Norway’s history further as we discover the ornately decorated halls of the Town Hall, home to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony.

The architectural innovation is perhaps best exhibited as we climb to observe the city from the top of the  National Opera & Ballet building. Descending back into the heart of the city we will experience the vibrant cafe and bar culture that is blended with outstanding natural beauty. In the tranquil Oslofjord inlet with extensive woodland all around Oslo is prospering.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Friday 22nd June

Today we begin our journey home through the stunning Oslofjord, dotted with islands and attractive inlets. Enjoy our last included dinner as a group tonight as we say farewell to our epic adventure through Europe’s most beautiful cities.

All meals included. Overnight on board the Balmoral.

Saturday 23rd June

Today we arrive back in Edinburgh.

Breakfast included.