Welcome to San Fran

San Francisco is a city of endless discovery, with each one of its nine districts possessing unique style and culture. Together we will discover its remarkable sites, the immense Golden Gate Bridge, traditional trams clanking up and down the roller-coaster boulevards, the historic waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf and of course the fortress prison-island, Alcatraz.

After immersing ourselves in the proudly liberal, free-spirited and authentically San Franciscan culture we will depart modernity and head inland to one of the States’ most revered National Parks, Yosemite. Here we’ll get closer to nature than ever before as we feel the spray of the waterfalls and wander amongst thousand-year-old Giant Red Sequoias, so large a truck can pass through their carved trunk. We will discover the areas wine-producing potential, its gold-rush heritage and ride through dense forest on a historic mountain railroad.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the heart of San Francisco in California
  • Experience a typical American Sunday at the baseball
  • Take a cruise to the eerie and imposing Alcatraz Prison Island
  • Walk in between Giant Red Sequoias in the Mariposa grove of Yosemite National Park
  • Feel the power of nature next to the towering waterfalls of Yosemite
  • Dates & Prices

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    May 3 - May 15, 2018 (13 days)

    Standard Blind Price: £3499 Contact us for availability

    Discounted Sighted Price: £2249 Contact us for availability

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    Standard Blind Price: 3099 GBP Contact us for availability

    Discounted Sighted Price: 1899 GBP Contact us for availability

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    San Francisco Cable Cars on California Street at sunrise
  • A man enjoying hiking in between giant trees, they are extremely wide and extremely tall

    What's Included

    • Flights and transfers from the UK (UK prices only)
    • 6 nights accommodation at Kimpton Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco
    • 3 nights accommodation at Best Western Plus Yosemite Way Station in Mariposa
    • 1 night accommodation at Mountain Bug Resort in Mariposa
    • 1 night accommodation at Holiday Inn Express in Turlock
    • All breakfasts, one lunch, two dinners
    • Specified excursions
    • Services of local guides
    • Services of a Traveleyes tour manager
  • Excursions

    • San Francisco City Tour
    • Baseball game excursion (Baltimore Orioles at Oakland A’s)
    • Wine Tasting Tour
    • Sugar Pine Mountain Railway Ride
    • Yosemite: Mariposa Grove and Wawona Tour
    • Yosemite: Yosemite Valley Tour
    • Alpaca Farm Tour
    • Cheese Factory Tour
    • Golden Gate Bridge Firetruck Tour (£70)
    • Alcatraz Island Cruise & Tour (£50)
    The iconic postcard view of Yosemite Valley. Huge stone rock faces, green trees and a meandering river

Below is the itinerary for the holiday. Please click each day for more information.

Thursday 3rd May

Today we arrive and transfer to our hotel in the centre of San Francisco

Overnight in San Francisco.

Friday 4th May

Today we will enjoy a guided walking tour of San Francisco, making our way through some of its many diverse districts. We will walk through Union Square to The Embarcadero Ferry passing Little Italy and China Town. These two vibrant immigrant communities are truly fascinating, Chinatown is a throng of activity and compromises the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, the area forms an excellent contrast to the more relaxed café culture of Little Italy. These two areas are easily accessible from our central hotel and must be visited at night to sample some of the delectable food.

We will discover the facts behind the movements that emerged after the second world war and have made San Francisco a hotbed for liberal political attitudes. Be it the hippie counterculture, the peace movement, gay rights or the sexual revolutions San Francisco has always been an open, tolerant, colourful and forward-thinking city.

Breakfast Included. Overnight in San Francisco.

Saturday 5th May

It is impossible to discover all of San Francisco, but there are a few musts that simply have to be done. We will be able to hear the clang and clatter of one of the beautiful cable-car trams that make their way up and down San Francisco’s roller coaster streets. Hopping on one of these moving museums is a unique experience not to be missed. As we walk through San Fran’s streets we will see the iconic, tiny, whitewashed ‘mission’ churches, along with the many Spanish street harking back to the when the peninsula was a humble Spanish colonial settlement.

We must of course also set foot on the massive cross-harbour span of the Golden Gate Bridge, an immense structure that has become the symbol for the whole city and for American engineering might! Officially coloured International Orange its towering arches and the sheer scale of the construction are a quite simply an irresistible photo opportunity.

Our optional excursion today is a truly unique experience, we will be able to journey across the Golden Gate Bridge on the back of an old-fashioned red firetruck. Now used for tours our exhilarating open-top ride will be accompanied with history of the bridge and the city as a whole and makes for a fun and memorable day out.

Breakfast included. Overnight in San Francisco.

Sunday 6th May

Today will be a traditional American day out as we venture over to Oakland and the hallowed turf of the Oakland Coliseum. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, the history of the Oakland Raiders and Oakland A’s and the way they are intertwined with the community is something truly special. Raider Nation, the fanbase of the Oakland Raiders are a unique bunch with serial steampunk fancy dress and face paint one of their unique features.

We are here to experience a typically American afternoon of baseball. The stadium is converted from American football to baseball before the summer and becomes the home of the Oakland Athletics. With seats down the 3rd base line we will cheer the home team on against the Baltimore Orioles while enjoying all the usual excitement of a Sunday afternoon game – the typical music over the tannoy, the crowd interaction, roasting peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs and the crack of bat on ball and cheers after a homerun!

Breakfast included. Overnight in San Francisco.

Monday 7th May

Today we offer an optional excursion to the infamous Alcatraz Island which will open up many of the chilling secrets which still linger in this legendary place of incarceration which once housed some of the most notorious prisoners in American criminal history. Our tour commences with a cruise to across the bay to Alcatraz Island and includes a guided tour of the prison itself. Alcatraz was once home to the ruthless racketeer Al (Scarface) Capone, among many other anti-heroes and here we discover the stories of these historic characters. These days the island provides not only a testament to the past, it now has a very important secondary role as a conservation site for rare wild flowers, marine wildlife and nesting sea birds.

Breakfast included. Overnight in San Francisco.

Tuesday 8th May

Today is another free day to enjoy the delights of San Francisco. We advise taking the opportunity to discover the historic waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf. The wharf continues a centuries-old tradition in the daily unloading and purveying of fresh catches from the fishing boats, observed overhead by pelicans in graceful flight, while at some times of the year a colony of ‘elephant seals’ pull their bulky bodies lazily onto mid-harbour pontoons to bathe in the sun!

Tonight is our final night in San Francisco, our central hotel is the perfect spot to go out and explore the vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene.

Breakfast included. Overnight in San Francisco.

Wednesday 9th May

Today we will depart San Francisco and head east to one of California’s most celebrated national parks, Yosemite.

On our way we will stop off at a vineyard perfectly nestled between the rolling hills of the Sierra Nevada and the dramatic landscape of Yosemite. The air and soil here is incredibly clean and fresh leading to the production of succulent flavourful grapes. We will sample a selection of the products made at this family-run vineyard accompanied with a tour and explanation of their time-honoured methods. A fine merlot or a cabernet sauvignon can all be enjoyed in the green tranquillity of this stunningly isolated little valley.

We shall then make our first foray into the National Park. Our first experience of Yosemite will be from a unique vantage point – being pulled along a recreated logging railroad by a historic locomotive steam train! These locomotives hauled huge logs through the Sierra mountains and this dense woodland. We will learn about the history of the Sugar Pine Railroad and the park itself. We shall then return to our resting point for the night, Mariposa.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Mariposa

Thursday 10th May

Today we shall get closer to nature than ever before with a full day excursion to discover the natural beauty of Yosemite. Our first stop will be the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoia Trees. Our local expert will explain the biology and history behind these enormous towering trees. Hiking trails weave in amongst them and by next year there will also be a brand new trail and boardwalk allowing us to immerse ourselves in this natural wonder. This particularly special grove is home to some of the largest giant sequoias in the world, Giant Grizzly is believed to be 1900 – 2400 years old.  In order to preserve the outstanding natural beauty of the largest grove in the park it has been closed for restoration since 2015, and we shall be some of the first visitors to rediscover its beauty!

This afternoon we will have the opportunity to visit Wawona. A relaxed and tranquil little town surrounded by green in juxtaposition to the red of the sequoias and blue of Yosemite’s waterfalls. We can explore the history of the town in its visitor museums and the Pioneer history centre. This is the perfect opportunity to discover more about the history of Yosemite, and how as a national park it was trailblazing in inviting in visitors from the mid-19th century.

Departing the National Park, we return for a special overnight at our rustic mountain resort on the edge of the National Park.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Mariposa.

Friday 11th May

This morning we will have free time to enjoy the facilities at our unique and rustic resort. Deep in the countryside we will enjoy traditional cabin accommodation and have the opportunity to use the spa facilities. We can relax and rejuvenate in the hot tub, sauna or even book a massage. There are also some hiking routes leaving from the resort if you fancy something a little more active. If you are really feeling like embracing nature, then take a stroll down to the creek and take a refreshing dip in the clear ice-cold water.

This afternoon we will return to Mariposa. A traditional gold rush town dating from the 1850’s and our base on the edge of Yosemite. The town was first settled in 1849 and due to early fires, many of its buildings were constructed out of stone. Many of them have remained in use leaving the town with the feel of a functioning Old West town void of chain stores and traffic lights. Perhaps the most distinctive building is the court house, constructed in 1854 it is the oldest courthouse west of the Rockies still in continuous operation. We can get to grips with the history of the town by wandering the streets and even taking a ride in a typical horse drawn carriage. The town is also home to two award winning museums, discover pioneer history at the Mariposa Museum and History Center or the gold rush in the state mining and mineral museum.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Mariposa.

Saturday 12th May

Today will be our second full day excursion into Yosemite National Park, beginning with Tunnel View where our guide will describe the glaciated valley in detail. We will then take a walk to Bridleveil Falls to experience the rush of the falls crashing around you and showering in ice cold refreshing spray.

Today is a day to truly be at one with nature as we explore more of Yosemite’s unique rock formations in the valley, along with journey through the Merced River and its luscious meadows and wetlands.

We shall return to Mariposa this evening for well-earned rest and recuperation.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Mariposa.

Sunday 13th May

Today we will enjoy a bizarre and unique experience when we visit a working farm that’s home to California’s largest herd of Alpacas. Here the Alpacas are used for their precious wool. We will have the chance to get face-to-face with the friendlier members of the herd before having the chance to buy some of the high-quality alpaca wool products!

This evening we begin making our way back towards San Francisco. On the way we will stop at a traditional ranch in Merced for a final farewell dinner made of local produce and accompanied by a musical performance as the sun sets on our Californian adventure.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Turlock.

Monday 14th May

On our final day in California we will enjoy a guided tour and tasting at the Hilmar Cheese Company! We’ll discover their state-of-the art production centre while enjoying hands-on exhibits on their cows, dairies and traditional cheesemaking techniques. This afternoon we return to the airport for our international departure.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Flight.

Arrive home.