• I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday, and l now know how Traveleyes adds to the whole quality of life of many who sign up! It was my privilege to participate! - it was a fantastic exhilarating holiday! Describing the scenery and historic sites and artefacts to my perceptive VI companion - who quickly became a friend - was challenging, humbling and invigorating! I shall never again take my sight for granted.
    Jane Tarver, Sighted Traveller - The Orkneys, April 2017
  • Traveleyes holidays never cease to amaze me with the unusual, interesting and different destinations. Once there the tour Managers and local guides work so hard to bring the place to life. Whilst adding to the holiday with generous amounts of good humour and there is always such camaraderie from the fellow travellers.
    Hilary Henstock, Sighted Traveller - The Orkneys, April 2017
  • This was an amazing holiday. It was my first holiday with Travel Eyes as a sighted adventurer and has changed the way I see the world in many ways. We shared so many interesting and exciting experiences together I can't wait to start on another adventure.
    Jane Haysom, Sighted Traveller - Nepal, March 2017
  • Traveleyes holidays are well planned and full of new experiences for both sighted and visually impaired travellers. Itineraries are varied to suit all tastes and the accommodation is of a very high standard. I met some lovely people and enjoyed it very much. I want to go back next year!
    Carol Tigrine, Sighted Traveller - Nepal, March 2017
  • A week away on a Traveleyes holiday is like putting yourself into another world, where things look and feel more ...........[insert the adjective].......
    Susan Stewart, Sighted Traveller - Romania and Transylvania, March 2017
  • It was such a great experience. It may sound cheesy, and cliche, but it really is. As well as getting to go to this new place and see a completely different culture, you get to meet new people, try new things and see the world around you in a totally different perspective
    May Parkes-Young, Sighted Traveller - Romania and Transylvania, March 2017
  • The Traveleyes school trip was a very different experience from other Traveleyes tours as our guides were students from the International School of London. The students brought their enthusiasm, liveliness and positivity to the trip, not only guiding and describing but also throwing themselves into everything we did. We stayed on a traditional farm with the opportunity to interact with the animals including milking cows, riding horse carts and collecting eggs and also to try our hand at pottery and other local crafts. We enjoyed home made and home grown food every morning and evening and had the place all to ourselves to relax, roam and enjoy. For a Traveleyes tour with a difference the school trips are not to be missed!
    Liam Mackin, Blind Traveller - Romania and Transylvania, March 2017
  • Once listening to a radio show couple of years ago I was moved to hear Amar's story and all what Traveleyes is about. Since then I was waiting for an opportunity to visit Madrid where my local knowledge might be useful for others. I've enjoyed my time there and especially the conversations which go beyond small talk. Once again I was convinced that on this journey through our life we might experience different hardships, but if we learn how to share it, we can create a mutual benefit. Thank you all! Dali
    Dali Vukadin, Sighted Traveller - Madrid and Toledo, March 2017
  • I always enjoy travelling with Traveleyes. As a sighted traveller, guiding VIP's is an enriching experience. There is always a lovely group atmosphere, better than in other organisation I have travelled with. I have met many wonderful people and it is a great pleasure to share this experience with others.
    Dominique Simpson, Sighted Traveller - Harrogate, March 2017
  • Another wonderful trip, whenever I tell people about Traveleyes I always feel confident in telling them about the consistently good quality of the trips and the support from the Traveleyes staff.
    James Barratt, Blind Traveller - Madrid and Toledo, March 2017
  • My first trip with Traveleyes so didn't really know what to expect. However I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had. From the first meeting at the airport I found everyone was chatting away to everyone else as if they already knew one another. This continued right through the holiday. It was a lovely experience and having to help my 'friends' who were visually impaired actually made me far more aware of what was around me. A great experience and can't wait for the next Traveleyes holiday
    Val Pelletier, Sighted Traveller - Madrid and Toledo, March 2017
  • As this was my first Traveleyes holiday, I was a little apprehensive maybe. I was made to feel completely at ease immediately we met at Gatwick. I very shortly became completely immersed in the group and within a couple of days, I knew I would be booking another Traveleyes holiday soon!
    Val Oviatt, Sighted Traveller - Madrid and Toledo, March 2017
  • I enjoyed myself so much I have been busy telling all my friends about it, in the hope that they will sign up as sighted travellers, which will mean that you have even more holidays available.
    Valerie Williams, Sighted Traveller - Madrid and Toledo, March 2017
  • Traveleyes have developed a wonderful model for blind and sighted people to enjoy holidays together. AS a totally blind person I found the sighted travellers both warm and very very helpful, enriching my holiday experience with their guiding, explaining scenery and what we are walking passed as we travel around. Also I had a strong feeling that the sighted travellers also gained a lot from their experience, and at no time was I made to feel they were simply looking after me.
    I would heartily recommend these holidays for both blind and sighted travellers, try one you will be amazed!
    Colin Palgrave, Blind Traveller - Harrogate, March 2017
  • The trip to Malaysia and Borneo proved to be an interesting and exciting trip for both guides and VIs with a good itinerary. The group gelled well together and having a mix of sighted and VIs proved beneficial to all, as both got an added extra from the experiences. The VIs were able to enjoy the many adventures with the help of the guides and the guides as always got more from each situation as they had to 'see' for the VI as well as themselves.
    Judith Roberts, Sighted Traveller - Malaysia and Borneo, March 2017
  • Going to Berlin with Traveleyes was a new experience for me. I went with an open mind and found it a very rewarding and interesting way to have a holiday. I do love history so for me Berlin is a fascinating city. The group were good fun and we were supported every step of the way by an experienced professional tour guide.
    Susie Mackenzie, Sighted Traveller - Berlin, February 2017
  • As a solo traveller these holidays take away the hassle and worry and give back companionship and a new perspective on the world. Why holiday any other way!!!
    Hilary Henstock, Sighted Traveller - Berlin, February 2017
  • A lovely short holiday for those who are nervous travellers or those who do not wish to travel alone. Well organised with varied activities to sort all tastes. I highly recommend this holiday.
    Gillian Richards, Sighted Traveller - Berlin, February 2017
  • I had wanted to visit Berlin for many years and never seemed to get around to it, and I'm so pleased I took this opportunity with Traveleyes. The trip was very well run and gave us a mix of the history of this fascinating city, the main sites of interest and good, different restaurants to enjoy our evening meal together. We had very knowledgeable and entertaining local guides and soon began to realise that we could find our way around this city quite easily, using buses and trams when we had free time. This was a thoroughly enjoyable trip, with a very good tour guide and a comfortable hotel very near the main attractions. For me, the highlight was the visit to the Reichstag, an absolutely fascinating building, both for its history and the beautiful modern glass dome.
    Carol Hall, Sighted Traveller - Berlin, February 2017
  • Another brilliant Traveleyes holiday. They never fail to please. Two more booked already.
    Gail Jones, Sighted Traveller - Berlin, February 2017
  • Being my first "Traveleyes" experience, I was very dubious. Came away feeling great and made some lovely friends both sighted and non-sighted.
    Theresa Davis, Sighted Traveller - Berlin, February 2017
  • The New York City trip was fast-paced but also flexible. In just three full days in the city we were given a whistle-stop tour of all of the major attractions but also had ample amounts of spare time to pursue our own interests. The true nature of Traveleyes came into its own on this trip as various members of our group climbed the Empire State Building, discovered former US naval ships, went for a run in Central Park and shopped in 5th Avenue, meaning that all 20 of us were able to have the experiences we wanted.
    Liam Mackin, Blind Traveller - New York, February 2017
  • Been travelling with Traveleyes since 2012 - yet again another fantastic and well organised holiday. The tour manager was always on hand to talk to us and offer us advice and guidance when needed. The city tour was well organised and the Circle Line tour gave us the opportunity to see New York from the Hudson River. We had the opportunity to see the sights, such as Times Square, Rockefeller and The Empire State Building. For those with a sweet tooth there was the M&M's store and Hershey's. We were able to experience The Big Apple in full glory! Overall a very educational trip.
    Alice Smith, Sighted Traveller - New York, February 2017
  • A great trip, made new friends, got a lot out of it.
    Steve Seaton, Blind Traveller - New York, February 2017
  • A wonderful way to spend a birthday - New York in all its glory, noise, bustle and sights. As always the company of my visually impaired companions made me look at things more carefully and think about what we saw. The highlights? USS Intrepid and the space shuttle, the 9/11 memorial (I was there in 2002) and Chicago on Broadway. Well, technically off Broadway - but close enough! Thank you all for your company.
    Debbie Bowles, Sighted Traveller - New York, February 2017
  • This was a last minute booking for me but I'm so glad I went. Having already been on Traveleyes holidays I have high expectations of what to expect and New York was no exception. From the bright lights of Times Square and the magnificence of Grand Central Station to the Tenement Museum everywhere we went was fascinating and interesting. I even ventured to 5th Avenue with my VI partner Karen who tried rings on in Tiffanys worth $130,000 and then had a complete free makeover in Chanel!! On a couple of evenings a few of us ate at small restaurants which had live (soft) jazz bands and excellent food at very reasonable prices. The atmosphere at both was brilliant and was how I imagine it would have been in the 40s and 50s. Altogether this was a brilliant holiday with a fabulous group of people
    Eileen Smith, Sighted Traveller - New York, February 2017
  • This is my second visit to New York although previously independently. I could not resist the opportunity to visit again and this proved to be an excellent short break. New York is a magnificent city and all my expectations were fulfilled. Thank you Traveleyes and thank you New York. Wow.
    Gerald James, Blind Traveller - New York, February 2017
  • We had a great holiday in Cape Verde with Traveleyes - good accommodation -
    great company and made some new friends. I have always wanted to go to
    Cape Verde and it was great to see in through the "eyes" of the VIs.
    Ireen Norris, Sighted Traveller - Cape Verde, February 2017
  • As this was our 12th trip you must have being doing something right. See you on the Thailand trip.
    Kenneth Howell, Blind Traveller - Cape Verde, February 2017
  • The best holidays I have ever had have been with Traveleyes.
    Gwynneth Milner, Sighted Traveller - Cape Verde, February 2017
  • This is my third year skiing with Traveleyes - and I look forward to a 4th. The most surprising thing is how much my own skiing improves when faced with the challenge of focusing on someone else's well being, other than my own style and progress. As someone who would otherwise probably have to ski alone in Europe, it is a wonderful communion of good company, skiing, and the support of an excellent organisation.
    Debbie Bowles, Sighted Traveller - Skiing in the Italian Alps, January 2017
  • This was my 2nd trip with Traveleyes. A brilliant holiday – wonderful group of sighted and VIs. Had some great laughs, it was also great to leave behind the grey skies of London. Seychelles was amazing. Well done again Traveleyes. Can’t wait to book my next trip.
    Angela Wickham, Sighted Traveller - The Seychelles, January 2017
  • My first holiday with Traveleyes was delightful, so friendly people & interesting, what's not to like, my recommendation is to go for it, you will have fun & some great experiences which is what travel is all about.
    Shirley Elphick, Sighted Traveller - The Seychelles, January 2017
  • How to get close to motorbikes, tuk tuks and holy cows without really trying!!
    Judith Large, Sighted Traveller - India, January 2017
  • Our visit to India was an eye opening experience, very simulating, including smells from markets and noisy street life. There was a general air of total chaos with livestock taking priority and traffic seeming not to obey any rules of the road. Visits to the brick factory, cashmere factory and marble outlet were all very interesting and enjoyable, as were our visits to the state primary school and the school for the blind in Udaipur. We also visited buildings representing most of India's major religions, which gave a chance to see how the different cultures vary. In addition we also managed to fit in a number of major sights including Old Delhi, Taj Mahal, Bundi Palace and The Amber Fort. Overall a very enjoyable holiday - one to remember.
    Gerald James, Blind Traveller - India, January 2017
  • A fabulous experience that I would highly recommend. A great way to make new friends and see the world. Highly enjoyable. Don't hesitate, you'll have an unforgettable holiday and learn a lot.
    Carol Tigrine, Sighted Traveller - New Year Rhine Cruise, December 2016
  • I just returned from a Rhine cruise celebrating New Year and one of the best holidays I have done with Traveleyes so far. The group gelled well and everyone was supportive of one another whether visually impaired or sighted. There was no reason for anyone to feel alone or isolated. As Germany is an hour ahead we were able to celebrate the coming of the New Year twice! I cannot think of a better way to start 2017.
    Hilary Lester, Blind Traveller - New Year Rhine Cruise, December 2016
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience as a sighted guide with Traveleyes. I travelled with a wonderful group of people and Traveleyes had arranged every last detail to perfection. I can't wait to go on my next trip with Traveleyes, next month!
    Alison Nuorto, Sighted Traveller - New Year Rhine Cruise, December 2016
  • I have done a great deal of traveling on my own as a totally blind person. While it has been a great adventure, it was also very stressful and lonely at times and I was limited in what I could do, because of the attitude of tour operators towards unescorted blind travellers. I went on my first Traveleyes on the Rhine River. It was a great experience. I never had to be stressed about finding my way, getting food from a buffet, walking round cities, etc. In addition, the company was great, with lots of fun and laughter. Above all, this is a very good example of what many organisations refer to as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). But the difference is: this is not a policy on paper; it is a practical outworking of what this really means. I will certainly go on another holiday with Traveleyes, as time allows.

    Lynita Conradie, Blind Traveller - New Year Rhine Cruise, December 2016
  • I've been experiencing the world with TravelEyes for just over 4 years. Had you told me before then that one day I'd be in touching distance of a Galapagos sea turtle or the target of a sea-lion's games, would have the opportunity to climb a centuries-old lava cliff or feel my way along an underground lava tunnel, would witness the mating noises of giant tortoises or eat breakfast and dinner in the open air of the Amazon region of Ecuador, I'd have thought you were crazy. Yet again, the combination of stunning locations and knowledgeable, interesting and adventurous fellow-travellers has given me some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.
    Mark Colman, Blind Traveller - Galapagos and The Amazon, December 2016
  • If you like experiencing new and different things, and enjoy talking, then Traveleyes is for you.
    I have done three trips with the company, all to quite different places, and I have found that I get so much more from the experience when I need to see it on behalf of someone else.
    I really admire the attitude of the VI travellers, and the independence they show. It is humbling to have people trust me, a complete stranger, to guide them through a place which is new to both of us. We each adapt to the other person and in that way we get the best from the day. And tomorrow a new pairing and a different experience.
    I have loved each of my trips with Traveleyes, but the Galapagos trip has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am still buzzing.
    Helen Fletcher, Sighted Traveller - Galapagos and The Amazon, December 2016
  • I have been on many Traveleyes holidays and the Ecuador trip was excellent. As usual it was a very memorable trip in all ways. For me our fellow travellers make the holiday so much more enjoyable.
    Ian Taylor - Galapagos and The Amazon, December 2016
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my first Traveleyes holiday to Finland. I met some amazing people and had some incredible experiences. I would certainly recommend Traveleyes to anyone either sighted or visually impaired.
    Aaron Fowler, Blind Traveller - Finland, December 2016
  • I booked this holiday to experience the conditions in northern Finland but had no idea if I'd enjoy the trip. How wrong I was!! The group was fantastic, the places were amazing and the experience of the cold, the activities, beautiful skies and even the unsuccessful search for the Northern Lights were beyond belief. We started off with 2 days in Helsinki which is a beautiful city lit up by millions of tasteful tiny Christmas light bulbs. The next few days were spent in Ruka, which is just south of the Arctic Circle. There we experienced temperatures between -7 and -16 degrees C, so the first thing we did was to collect our snow suits, snow boots, and gloves. What fun we had struggling into them and later struggling to get out of them! This trip required little describing as all around us were trees covered in snow or frozen lakes covered in snow. However VIs and sighted guides experienced so many sensations, sounds, activities and laughter we were left breathless. Our highlight was a husky ride which meant we were organised in pairs. One of us drove the sleigh while the other sat in the sleigh. All went well until the driver braked and then was unable to place their feet back on the runners. The result was the huskies charging ahead without the driver and the "poor passenger" unaware the driver was lying face down in the snow far behind!! Other activities included cross country skiing, a reindeer sleigh ride, ice fishing, snow shoeing and an evening ride in sleighs pulled by snowmobiles. Another highlight was watching downhill mogul skiing. This involved skiers descending a ski slope with bumps then taking off and performing one or more back sommersaults before landing in front of us where my VI could hear the swish of the skis. This holiday should have a health warning! We laughed so much, my sides were sore.
    Moira (but I was also called Morag, Maureen, Millicent .... and Northern Light!!)
    Moira Wilson, Sighted Traveller - Finland, December 2016
  • This was a week of inspiration and wonderful fun, filled with conversation of all kinds - from the most soul-enriching and deeply thought-provoking, to the lightest and brightest of chatter and laughter. I loved meeting my travelling companions, and seeing such lovely and quite magical sights together.
    Deborah Siepmann, Sighted Traveller - Stuttgart, December 2016
  • Traveleyes is a fantastic concept. I chose a short break to Stuttgart Christmas markets to 'try it out' ... and I loved it! What an insightful experience - truly inspirational VI co-travellers, the group got on really well and the trip itself was good too! Looking forward to choosing the next one. Thank you Traveleyes.
    Lynne Wroe, Sighted Traveller - Stuttgart, December 2016
  • This was my first organised holiday and I loved it. It was a great experience meeting new people and visiting new places. Brilliant company and felt very safe.
    Patsy Durrant, Sighted Traveller - Rome, November 2016
  • I am so delighted to have been introduced to Traveleyes holidays, having just returned from my second trip and will look forward to booking my third. This is such a good way to travel and to meet new people.
    Heather Parker, Sighted Traveller - Rome, November 2016
  • On my first tour as a sighted guide I was a little apprehensive so booked a short break. I needn't have worried, the tour was well organised, the tour manager was on hand with help and advice if needed and the group was a lovely mix of individuals. If you are thinking of booking a tour ......... go ahead I don't think you will be disappointed, you will take home precious memories.
    Patricia Cunningham, Sighted Traveller - Rome, November 2016
  • I found the help one received in the hotel and bars was a bonus to the actual guiding and description of one's surroundings made you feel as if you had received some sight back. Well done to all the guides.
    Bryan Maindonald, Blind Traveller - Rome, November 2016
  • The tour was very well organised from start to finish and we were in the very capable hands of two delightful and efficient tour managers. The excursions were well balanced and well thought-out with time for exploring with our day partner or by ourselves after the organised excursion. Our tour managers chose good, nearby restaurants every day where we could eat local specialities at a range of prices. Throughout the atmosphere was very convivial, friendly and good humoured. I am very glad to have travelled with Traveleyes and I'll be back for more.
    Diana Martin, Sighted Traveller - Rome, November 2016
  • Rome is a beautiful and wonderful city which everyone should experience. With over 2,000 years of history and almost unrivalled amounts of culture there's definitely something for everyone and the itinerary planned by Traveleyes helped to bring together all the highlights in one long weekend package which left me feeling like I hadn't missed anything out.
    From exploring the ancient Roman traditions at the Colosseum and Forum to discovering the delights of modern Rome's kitchens on a delicious food tour, experiencing the breathtaking artwork in the Cistine Chapel and joining the centuries of travellers hoping to gain luck by throwing coins into the Trevi fountain, every day is packed with memorable moments and world-famous landmarks.
    All of that combined with mouthwatering Italian food, crisp local wines and mild Mediterranean temperatures in contrast to the chill of an English November made this a trip not to be missed and never to be forgotten.
    Liam Mackin, Blind Traveller - Rome, November 2016
  • I have had fantastic holidays with Traveleyes. The holidays are varied, fun and rewarding. Having to engage with your surrounding to help others really improves your own holiday experience, and it is unbelievably rewarding to be there for other people. Go on. Do it!
    Jonathan Andrews, Sighted Traveller - Rome, November 2016
  • I found travelling with Traveleyes to be a heart warming and mind broadening experience. I have already travelled a lot but this gave a whole new slant.
    Francesca Jaggs, Sighted Traveller - South Africa, November 2016
  • Imagine, a long and Winding Road, I am pleased I didn't leave anyone standing there ...
    My first experience of Travel Eyes and the experience was as good as the Cavern Club live lounge Beatles experience,
    It Please, please, pleased me.
    Gary Graves, Sighted Traveller - Liverpool, November 2016
    John Gardener, Blind Traveller - Liverpool, November 2016
  • Our cruise was as much about the relationship you forge with VIs and guides as it was about the cruising experience.
    Robyn Irwin, Sighted Traveller - Cruising the Western Med, October 2016
  • I thought Japan would be interesting. I did not realise how much. From ornate temples and shrines, to samurai castles, beautiful mountains, waterfalls and lakes. Throw in being butted by a deer, greeted by a robot, making sushi, trying origami or just sampling the exquisite food. A headlong charge around the highlights of Japan and everything in between. Thanks for designing this holiday with a multi-sensory experience running right through it.
    Steve Ewens, Blind Traveller - Japan, October 2016
  • Don't hesitate to use Traveleyes as they are an excellent company. They have provided me with a means to travel independently, which I have missed due to my sight loss.
    Jean Sparrowhawk, Blind Traveller - Copenhagen, October 2016
  • It was a unique experience with a great bunch. The thunder and lightning storms on the hills of Montenegro added to both the atmosphere and camaraderie!
    Celine Sinnott, Sighted Traveller - Montenegro, October 2016
  • I don't know where to start with this trip, it was just incredible. I couldn't do it justice to try to describe things, it was an all-round fantastic experience.
    James Barratt, Blind Traveller - Myanmar, September 2016
  • Priceless!
    Metaxia Tsoukatos, Sighted Traveller - Corfu Sailing, September 2016
  • First time traveller, had no issues at any time during the holiday and made several new friends. Will be looking forward to my next trip.
    Oran Morrison, Blind Traveller - Barcelona, September 2016
  • Traveleyes provide the opportunity to open your eyes and mind on the World!
    Elaine Hiller, Sighted Traveller - Savannah and Charleston, September 2016
  • This was another great holiday with Traveleyes. Although I have been to America several times, I have never visited Georgia before. For people who love American history this holiday is a must, I found the history of this area fascinating and the people who live there are so proud of their heritage.
    The city tours of Savannah and Charleston and a visit to a Plantation really brought the story of this Southern State to life. Our first visit was to Savannah which is such a beautiful city and absolutely crammed with marvellous old houses and lovely squares. I just wish I could have spent more time there.
    We then moved on to Charleston and had a fantastic tour of the Old Quarter. Our guide was so knowledgeable and passionate about Charleston and she really brought the history of it to life. While we were in Charleston we also visited Boone Planation. This was a very interesting tour especially going into the 12 original slave cabins. Each cabin had both video and audio descriptions of the different aspects of the lives of the slaves who lived on the planation so was brilliant for both VIs and guides.
    Our final stop was at Myrtle Beach which is an approx 60 mile stretch of beautiful golden sand and shallow water. A very nice relaxing end to a lovely holiday.
    Eileen Smith, Sighted Traveller - Savannah and Charleston, September 2016
  • This was my fourth trip with Traveleyes. Great food great company and a lovely city. Recommend this type of travel to anyone who is thinking of coming along.
    Wendy Jones, Blind Traveller - Barcelona, September 2016
  • Yet another excellent Traveleyes Holiday. Two more booked!
    Christine Darling, Blind Traveller - Barcelona, September 2016
  • We had a friendly group with a great sense of humour. Very enjoyable experience with VI persons. Great companions ready for most adventures.
    Shirin Khan, Sighted Traveller - Barcelona, September 2016
  • A superb if not long enough holiday to a fascinating destination if you are interested in other cultures and their buildings. Walking around at 11pm at night on a warm late September evening wearing just shorts & T-shirt & flop-flops - wow
    Peter Fisher, Sighted Traveller - Barcelona, September 2016
  • I was surprised and delighted to find that my friends on the Peru trip helped ME to see and appreciate more about the country than I could have done independently. Tasked with trying to describe iconic sights, such as Machu Pichu and the Sacred Valley, I really had to look, explore and touch everything with them in order to do the country justice, and help my friends to experience and enjoy their holidays. The whole holiday was enjoyable from start to finish, and very well organised. I would recommend Traveleyes to all my friends.
    Elizabeth Beer, Sighted Traveller - Peru, August 2016
  • Extremely well organised trip and a varied mix of people definitely worth going, educating the sighted travellers was very good fun
    Lucy Wilson, Blind Traveller - Peru, August 2016
  • Feeling renewed after my holiday in Spain with some great moments to keep me going through the coming Welsh, probably wet, winter. I still smile, remembering the real laughter of my fellow travelers as we were thrown about on a floating inflatable doughnut towed along by a speed boat. In a thank you to the guides on the last day, I said that these holidays give me and my wife a break from some of the stresses of being totally blind and I really meant it. Can't wait for the next one.
    David Buckley, Blind Traveller - Almeria, August 2016
  • This was one of my best holidays ever - fantastic company, so much to see and do and without a doubt the most hilarious experiences along the way. The bicycle ride for 4 people was unforgettable- I loved every moment.
    I was apprehensive about this holiday, but there was no need. It was a joy!
    Looking forward to the next one-
    Alison Farrar, Sighted Traveller - Almeria, August 2016
  • The whole idea that people with visual impairment could and should, be able to go on holiday like anyone else is news to many. It should be more widely known how much enjoyment they and their sighted partners can have.
    Reg Morris, Sighted Traveller - Almeria, August 2016
  • I have just returned from the Andalusian Delights holiday in Spain. It was my first holiday with Traveleyes. I was naturally a little apprehensive but relaxed as soon as I met up with the group.
    The holiday started at 3.00am at Gatwick airport, where the whole group started to get to know each other and from that point we all chatted and laughed for the entire holiday.
    We enjoyed several excursions, had great fun on the beach doing water sports, I went on a jet ski, banana boat and 'rocket' all for the first time! Most evenings we could be found in a local bar enjoying 2 for 1 drinks and making a lot of noise!!
    I had a wonderful time, meeting lovely people and making new friends, I have already booked my next Traveleyes holiday and will definitely be going on many more.
    Karen Dalziel, Sighted Traveller - Almeria, August 2016
  • This was my first holiday with Traveleyes and I was not disappointed. It's a great way to explore and meet new people. I had a really great time.
    Richard Boggie, Blind Traveller - Bulgaria, July 2016
  • A wonderful trip to one of the most interesting and charming cities I've ever been to. From the grandeur of castles and churches to the horrors of the death camps, the busy old town and the vibrant Jewish quarter you'll fall in love with Krakow like I did.
    James Barratt, Blind Traveller - Krakow, July 2016
  • My first traveleyes holiday was to Krakow in July 2016. I had a fabulous time, the city and sights were beautiful. I've met some amazing people and had so much fun, I've laughed so much. I enjoyed the guiding despite being a little nervous at first but the blind travellers in our group were lovely.
    Helen Whatley, Sighted Traveller - Krakow, July 2016
  • Great holiday in Bulgaria. I'm sighted, and being with VI people makes the whole experience really special. Don't just think about it - do it!
    John Quill, Sighted Traveller - Bulgaria, July 2016
  • This was my first time on holiday with Traveleyes and I would thoroughly recommend it to any one - sighted or visually impaired. Excellent value for money and you are looked after so well with the travel guide.
    Margaret Guy, Sighted Traveller - Yorkshire, July 2016
  • We had a great time in Malta. Our tour manager had a lot to deal with but never lost his smile. The weather was fantastic and there was plenty to see, but still opportunities to relax and enjoy our free time. Tours of Valetta and Mdina were fantastic, boat cruise and visit to Gozo beautiful and the days when we were free to do as we pleased were very relaxing. Highly recommended.
    James Knight, Sighted Traveller - Malta, June 2016
  • As a sighted traveller I am always in awe of the adventurous spirit of the VIs. It requires great courage on their part to entrust themselves into the care of a sighted guide whom they may never have met, and this is a challenge for the guide to quickly learn how much assistance the VI may require. This aspect of the holidays I have spent with Traveleyes (7 to date) has given me the greatest personal pleasure.
    Reg Morris, Sighted Traveller - Malta, June 2016
  • I really enjoyed the trip to Malta. The weather was constantly around 27C with little wind. There was ample opportunity to swim and the excursions were informative and giving an idea of Maltese history. The group were friendly and the Traveleyes representative was excellent. Certainly worth a return visit.
    Gerald James, Blind Traveller - Malta, June 2016
  • I have just returned from a holiday to Western Canada with Traveleyes, my 7th wonderful holiday with this inspirational company. Once again it emphasised to me how much more I gain from these holidays by sharing my adventures with visually impaired travellers. I may use my eyes to describe the surroundings to my companion but I miss so many of the sounds and smells which are around us until they are pointed out to me. It truly is a shared experience so we both return home with so many more memorable experiences.
    Wendy Coley, Sighted Traveller - West Canada, June 2016
  • A few years ago, if someone told me I would be climbing a mountain in The Rockies, I would have told them they were off their rocker. It was a marvellous experience, to have the opportunity to do something like this. Traveleyes are the leader in their field and having travelled with them often I can see why.
    Steve Ewens, Blind Traveller - West Canada, June 2016
  • I am a seasoned traveller with Traveleyes, having been on singles holidays and felt very much alone. I find I fit in so well with this friendly and inclusive crowd. I have a disabled sister so my sighted guide experience had a good head start, however I would urge anybody thinking about trying a Traveleyes sighted guide experience to go ahead. You get real training, and in fact it is all common sense and you find yourself adapting to the role with ease. I would say that it is great fun to be with VIs and can make you see things on holiday more clearly. Highly recommended.
    Karen Braysher, Sighted Traveller - West Canada, June 2016
  • A satisfying, rewarding and educational break with Visually Impaired individuals, some of who were inspirational. All this whilst experiencing the beauty and excitement of an amazing country.
    Karl Lavery, Sighted Traveller - Costa Rica, June 2016
  • I have just returned from a fabulous holiday with Traveleyes to California and Hawaii. Visiting Hawaii was a dream come true and is another tick on my `bucket list'. The group, both VI and sighted guides really got on well together which certainly enhanced the whole experience. We visited some stunning destinations in San Diego, 2 Hawaiian islands and Los Angeles. It was a very active holiday, with something going on everyday as we stayed in 4 different places during the 15 day trip. A lot of flying time was involved but as flying is my favourite mode of transport this wasn't a problem for me personally although it did mean spending a lot of time in airports! Thank you Traveleyes for putting on this holiday of a lifetime and providing me with some wonderful memories which I'll never forget.
    Michael Scanlan, Blind Traveller - Hawaii & California, May 2016
  • The East Anglian trip was a great starting point for holidaying with Traveleys and there was a high percentage of "virgins" both VIs and sighted. I've done a few holidays and still thoroughly enjoyed this one. Two full days of excursions with a great tour leader (thanks Will!) A very diverse bunch in age and outlook but we all got along well. Hintlesham Hall was a great place to stay and the grounds were beautiful to wander round. Staff and food excellent.
    If it is repeated I would recommend highly.
    Sue Pitt, Sighted Traveller - East Anglia, May 2016
  • This trip to East Anglia was excellent and gave us a great insight into how Cambridge developed. We also felt privileged to handle the artefact replicas at Sutton Hoo and learn about that site.
    Paul Bennington, Sighted Traveller - East Anglia, May 2016
  • This was my first trip as a sighted guide with Traveleyes and it was superb. We had 10 days in Africa - predominantly Swaziland and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of something so unique and wonderful. The group I travelled with were lovely, our tour manager and local guides excellent and we packed so many interesting and varied things in. Having worked with visually impaired people for a long time it was great to observe a travel company who truly encourage people to be adventurous, and fully inclusive in things. Everything was done in such a professional but friendly manner. I would say to anybody having doubts to take the bull by the horns and go for it - life is too short to let things pass you by.
    Michela Butler, Sighted Traveller - Swaziland, April 2016
  • The trip to Swaziland was my first to Africa and it definitely won't be my last. The place was introduced to us by the imaginative organisation of a British ecologist who has been designing trips in and around Swaziland for many years. She encouraged us to listen to the birds and helped us to identify them. The rangers showed us how to identify the scent of the animals: I can still smell the rhinos. We were able to touch all kinds of things - animal skins, skulls and footprints - even poo. I also enjoyed eating the local food. This trip was such a rich experience and the excursions were varied and fun. We found ourselves dancing with local villagers and being welcomed into a local church. We also visited a school for disabled children, including those with visual impairment, and swapped experiences. We stayed in three different places, all at different altitudes and all very different. My favourite was the second where we stayed in beehive huts with warthogs wandering nearby. The scenery was stunning there - lush green plains, red earth, blue mountains in the distance. And zebra, wildebeest in the foreground. Just amazing. I believe that my interest in Swaziland and Africa in general will last a lifetime. I visited Durham Cathedral a day or so after coming back and found out that it's twinned with a church in Lesotho - this information would have made little impact on me before the trip - now I really care and am genuinely interested in the projects that are being funded out there.
    Anna Manning, Blind Traveller - Swaziland, April 2016
  • The Swaziland experience was about a rich and 'full on' as it is possible to achieve. The experiences just kept on coming.
    Howard Jennings, Sighted Traveller - Swaziland, April 2016
  • If you want a holiday with a difference, seeing a totally different country and learning about the people, their culture and seeing wild animals this is the holiday for you.
    Carol Pearson, Sighted Traveller - Swaziland, April 2016
  • Having already been away a couple of times with Traveleyes, I have learnt to have high expectations of their holidays. However, this trip to Swaziland went way above anything I could have imagined and provided me with some amazing experiences and wonderful memories.
    Christine Wilmott, Sighted Traveller - Swaziland, April 2016
  • This was my first time doing a river cruise and for me, there was no better environment to discover the joys of being on the water and gaining cultural knowledge and experience than the river Danube. From the start, when we were all introduced at Heathrow, I felt that we were going to be an excellent group and that we were all in it together. This holiday had, and will always have many highlights and memories for me and I would like to thank Traveleyes for making it possible as well as our Traveleyes representative and all my lovely travelling companions; many of whom will become long term friends I'm sure.
    Wayne Chapman, Blind Traveller - Danube River Cruise, April 2016
  • This holiday has left memories that will never leave me.
    Yes, the organisation was amazing, so good you never noticed it!
    Yes the destinations along the Danube were stunning in the Spring weather, but then that was to be expected
    Yes the boat was comfortable and the food good, all excellent value
    But it was the unexpected that will live for ever.
    The chocolate shop in Bratislava, the taste that will linger....
    Wayne using his language and negotiating skills around Vienna.
    Planning a wedding on the Ferris Wheel!
    Enjoying a gypsy evening in Budapest when out of nowhere Rose started to sing 'Climb every Mountain'
    Blessed with another two brilliant singers the group were soon in full voice. In the vaulted cellar the sound rivalled The sound of Music!
    I am so happy to have these memories
    Marie Fairbairn, Sighted Traveller - Danube River Cruise, April 2016
  • Just a few words to say I have returned from Jamaica and will cherish the memories.

    This was my first trip with Traveleyes and hope to be involved with more. An amazing organization that I feel humbled and blessed to be involved with. Truly awe inspiring. I enjoyed supporing every member of the group and look forward to hopefully meeting you all again one day on another trip.
    Angela Wickham, Sighted Traveller - Jamaica, March 2016
  • Definitely one of the best trips I've done, I can't recommend it highly enough!
    James Barratt, Blind Traveller - Rome, March 2016
  • The Rome trip is excellent for both VIs and sighted guides. We were so lucky having a local guide whose descriptions were excellent and had prepared 3D images for the VIs of the places we visited. The time of year was perfect for sightseeing as we avoided the heat of the summer. The group was lovely and Jack made everything run smoothly. Thank you again Traveleyes.
    Moira Wilson, Sighted Traveller - Rome, March 2016

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