But these are no ordinary holidays. Our groups are a mixture of both blind and sighted travellers. As a sighted traveller, we simply ask that you share your eyesight by describing the wonderful world around you to a blind partner and in return, for those sharing their vision, travellers receive up to 50% off. You don’t even need any experience of blindness.

As a blind traveller, you’re able to book a holiday with freedom and independence. What’s more, you don’t have to bring anyone with you, as you will be joining a group of like-minded explorers.

Travellers join our vacations from all over the world and you can too. Follow the links below to find out where your next adventure might take you.

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below is a sample from our range of holidays

  • Colombia

    November 1 - November 11, 2017 | 11 days

    Colombia is Latin America’s vogue destination this year. Hospitable Colombians are ready to offer a warm welcome to their Andean Mountain cities, rainforests, Carribean Coast and crumbling colonial cities.

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  • Prague, Vienna and Budapest

    September 30 - October 10, 2017 | 11 days

    Journey to the heart of Europe and visit four capital cities – Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava; Cities bursting at the seams with history, quirky traditions and modern culture.

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  • Sicily Walking

    October 16 - October 23, 2017 | 8 days

    The cliffs, coast and rugged natural beauty of Sicily, juxtaposed by the shadow of the formidable Mount Etna provide the perfect backdrop for our autumn walking holiday.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my first Traveleyes holiday to Finland. I met some amazing people and had some incredible experiences. I would certainly recommend Traveleyes to anyone either sighted or visually impaired.

Aaron Fowler, Blind Traveller - Finland, December 2016

This is my second visit to New York although previously independently. I could not resist the opportunity to visit again and this proved to be an excellent short break. New York is a magnificent city and all my expectations were fulfilled. Thank you Traveleyes and thank you New York. Wow.

Gerald James, Blind Traveller - New York, February 2017

If you like experiencing new and different things, and enjoy talking, then Traveleyes is for you.
I have done three trips with the company, all to quite different places, and I have found that I get so much more from the experience when I need to see it on behalf of someone else.
I really admire the attitude of the VI travellers, and the independence they show. It is humbling to have people trust me, a complete stranger, to guide them through a place which is new to both of us. We each adapt to the other person and in that way we get the best from the day. And tomorrow a new pairing and a different experience.
I have loved each of my trips with Traveleyes, but the Galapagos trip has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am still buzzing.

Helen Fletcher, Sighted Traveller - Galapagos and The Amazon, December 2016

I have been on many Traveleyes holidays and the Ecuador trip was excellent. As usual it was a very memorable trip in all ways. For me our fellow travellers make the holiday so much more enjoyable.

Ian Taylor - Galapagos and The Amazon, December 2016

As this was our 12th trip you must have being doing something right. See you on the Thailand trip.

Kenneth Howell, Blind Traveller - Cape Verde, February 2017

I have done a great deal of traveling on my own as a totally blind person. While it has been a great adventure, it was also very stressful and lonely at times and I was limited in what I could do, because of the attitude of tour operators towards unescorted blind travellers. I went on my first Traveleyes on the Rhine River. It was a great experience. I never had to be stressed about finding my way, getting food from a buffet, walking round cities, etc. In addition, the company was great, with lots of fun and laughter. Above all, this is a very good example of what many organisations refer to as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). But the difference is: this is not a policy on paper; it is a practical outworking of what this really means. I will certainly go on another holiday with Traveleyes, as time allows.

Lynita Conradie, Blind Traveller - New Year Rhine Cruise, December 2016

My first holiday with Traveleyes was delightful, so friendly people & interesting, what's not to like, my recommendation is to go for it, you will have fun & some great experiences which is what travel is all about.

Shirley Elphick, Sighted Traveller - The Seychelles, January 2017

Being my first "Traveleyes" experience, I was very dubious. Came away feeling great and made some lovely friends both sighted and non-sighted.

Theresa Davis, Sighted Traveller - Berlin, February 2017

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